Dear CADM Members,

CADM’s fiscal year ends on July 31, and, as we wind down 2014/15,   I am pleased to report that your association continues on a sound financial footing.  CADM has been around since 1955 (hence the 60th celebration!), and is the most reputable regional direct marketing association in the country.  In our quest to serve the needs of our members and  keep CADM current in today’s marketing environment,  your leadership has invested substantial time into refining our branding and messaging, as well as enhancement of our infrastructure. 

Here are some highlights of the year’s accomplishments:

  • Spearheaded by Program Chair Josh Blacksmith, we adopted the event theme that will continue into 2015-16. “Creating Better Customer Experiences – Chicago Style.”
  • Ben Cox, Mark Skroch and Brad Schwab revised CADM’s tagline to bring clarity to our brand identity: Connecting Chicago’s Multichannel Response Marketers.
  • A team led by Paul Pousha and Brad Schwab updated the Tempo Awards infrastructure to enable digital entry submission, judging and results tabulation.
  • Michelle Robin and Howie Schnuer co-chaired Membership.  They selected the Marketing Career Network for CADM to offer an online job forum for member job seekers and employers.
  • Tracey Cymbal and Brad Schwab co-chaired CADM’s 60th Annual Basic Course this spring.  Rui Wang and Francesca Moceri served in the roles of mentors to help guide students through the syllabus – a new feature this year.  Tracey and Brad are also working with Randy Hlavac to re-evaluate the curriculum. 
  • Mickey Alam Khan retooled our annual Mobile Marketing program into a morning event.
  • Brent Carter worked with our Pillar leaders to create the popular evening networking program template.
  • Dasher Lowe and Mark Skroch presented a well-attended digital content marketing program. 

Cyndi Greenglass and Andy Clark organized a well-received Sports Marketing Chicago Style event.

  • Jean Ban and Holly Harle have rebooted CADM’s community outreach programming for non-profits, Direct From The Heart. See the article on page 6 for more information.

Thank you to the board for your ongoing commitment, enthusiasm, and loyalty, especially during these recent years of evolution. 

As with the board, the strength and fiber of our association continues to be our membership and I’d like to introduce two people who exemplify our members’ extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment: Marisa Marinelli and Rui Wang.  During our Annual Meeting on August 19th, we will be honoring these two dedicated members with special awards.   Marisa will receive the 2015 Natalie P. Holmes Volunteer of the Year Award for her tireless and outstanding work on the Tempo Awards.  Rui Wang will receive the 2015 Pat Wheelless Mentoring Award for her staunch support of the new mentoring feature of the Basic Course.  And, of course,  a huge thank you to all our committed superstar volunteers!  See page 9 for a complete superstar list.

And thank you to all our loyal sponsor partners – you make our events and activities possible with your generous financial and in-kind support.  A special thank you to Frank Ottolino and Digital People for your ongoing corporate partnership.  Please see page xx for a complete list of our valued 2014/2015 sponsors. 

A big thank you to:

Andy Gold and Marilyn Markle for their tireless and diligent work on the 10 issues of adMarks they create each year

Glenda Sharp, our Executive Director, who does a wonderful job of keeping us on track and organized. 

Brad Schwab, our incoming 2015/16 president, for his ongoing leadership in all aspects of CADM.

On a personal note, this is my last president’s letter.  Brad Schwab will assume the mantle of president of CADM at the end of the August Annual Meeting, and CADM will be in excellent hands. This has been an interesting time, filled with highs and lows, but mostly filled with the joy of working with the board, the committees, and the entire membership of CADM who have all pulled together to ensure CADM’s future in a changing world.  And thank you all for your vote of confidence in me and for your steadfast support during the past two years.  It has been an honor to have had the steadying hand on the rudder of CADM in the rough seas.  I have the utmost confidence that Brad Schwa, and the incoming board, will lead CADM into a bright future.

Thank you to all of you, our members, who are our strength and our future.  I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Tempo Awards on July 16 and our Diamond Anniversary at our Annual Meeting on August 19.

Best regards,

Susan Kryl
Susan Kryl