Dear CADM Members,

Please join me in welcoming Jean Ban to CADM’s board of directors! Jean, who is Executive Vice President, Integrated Account Services at CBD Marketing, has agreed to spearhead our rejuvenated community outreach efforts.  Past president, Holly Harle, who chaired our earlier community outreach program, Direct FromThe Heart (DFTH), has agreed to collaborate with Jean on this initiative.  I’m sure many of you remember the motivating programming DFTH provided in our annual nonprofit seminars, as well as our fascinating host venues, including Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, and the Museum of Contemporary Art!  We’ll look forward to hearing more from Jean and Holly soon.  

The programming calendar for 2015 is taking shape and I’d like to share an early preview with you.  We recognize that our programming has been sparse since August. Our leadership has been working diligently on the branding and messaging for the new CADM, and our updated tagline and the program theme are direct results of that work.  We want to ensure that we realize our commitment to Connecting Chicago’s Multichannel Response Marketers.  To that end, we needed to take time to think it through thoroughly so we can ensure that, going forward, we have a viable, scalable model. Thank you for your understanding – I hope you will find the wait to be well worth it.

On December 4, our Mobile Marketing Pillar, led by Mickey Alam Khan, presented a free webinar on “Mobile Outlook 2015” – hope you were able to benefit from all that great information!  And, based on your feedback, Mobile Marketing Day, scheduled for Thursday, April 16, has been scaled back to a half day, filled with excellent speakers and topics to keep you in the mobile loop. 

Our theme:  Rising Expectations: Creating Better Customer Experiences will drive the content in our upcoming programming. At press time, I heard that the Social Pillar and the Digital Pillar are planning evening events for late January or early February.  And the Analytics and Response Marketing Pillars are on track for events in the spring. In addition to the live events, the Pillars will also present online events such as webinars. 

Brad Schwab, and our Tempo Chairs Paul Pousha and Marisa Marinelli have announced two very exciting changes for the 2015 Tempo Awards:

  • We will be able to accept online entry submissions for the 2015 Tempo Awards
  • We will also be able to offer online judging!

Thanks to the committee and to Glenda for the time invested in researching the right software partner for us on this initiative.  This investment will make a huge difference to our members, our Tempo participants, our Tempo committee, and our staff!

Our membership leaders, Michelle Robin and Howie Schneur, along with Glenda, have been researching options for our new online Career Center. This new resource will benefit CADM member employers and job seekers alike.  Employers will be able to post job openings and/or review profiles of marketers seeking positions. Job seekers may post their profiles and/or review the job board. Via our Career Center business partner, you will have the ability to connect with hundreds of positions and job seekers throughout the Chicago area …and nationally, too.  Thanks to everyone’s diligent investigations, we expect to be able to take this robust center live during January. 

We have accomplished a great deal during 2014 – and we expect to accomplish even more during 2015. My thanks to all of you for your commitment to CADM.  Your input, feedback, and participation will help to mold and ensure our burgeoning future. 

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful  holiday season.  And Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in 2015! 

See you next year!

Best regards,

Susan Kryl