Dear CADM Members,

It is almost the end of another year for CADM- our first as the New CADM!  This is an ideal time to recognize all our members who have seized the opportunity to communicate, connect, and grow by actively participating in CADM’s many activities as we work together to continue building our New CADM. 

Congratulations and thanks to all of the CADM Superstars. Among the Superstars, there are some Leading Lights that I would like to call out for special thanks and acknowledgement -

Andy Gold, for her tireless and endless work as adMarks editor

Brenda McGowan, for planning and executing three After Hours in the ‘Burbs events. Brenda identified the venues, found sponsors to underwrite the events to keep registration fees low, and prepared all the marketing.

Randy Hlavac for so many roles, but particularly for spearheading the “New CADM” structure and communications.

Brent Carter for initiating and helping to organize the Roundtable Discussions on CADM’s future.  (More on the results of these discussions in our next issue of adMarks!)

Mickey Alam Khan, for organizing the December Mobile in the Morning event and April’s Mobile Marketing Day.  Mickey planned the programming, arranged for the speakers, and, through his company, Mobile Marketer, was an underwriter for both events. 

Tracey Cymbal, for leading the Basic Course Committee. Tracey organized two concurrent Basic Course sessions – one in Chicago and one at Uline’s Wisconsin headquarters.  We are in awe of her ability to keep two faculties, two curricula, and two travel schedules on point!

The Vision Team, consisting of Cyndi Greenglass, Randy Hlavac, Ron Jacobs, Frank Roman,  (and me) for charting the course and guiding the realization of the  “New CADM.”

Denise DiSieno, for managing the registration desk, and warmly greeting everyone with her smile, at CADM events. 

Frank Ottolino and Digital People, for your long-term, and much appreciated, sponsorship of CADM and our activities. 

Brad Schwab, for his leadership and involvement in so many CADM activities this year.

Brad, with the Tempo Awards Committee, overhauled and updated the entry categories to recognize excellence in digital, social, mobile and response marketing.  He and the committee also planned and presented the Tempo Awards Gala.

Brad led the Social Pillar, which sponsored two networking events during the year.

Brad created the outline for our Roundtable Discussions. 

In all his activities, Brad has effectively involved members, colleagues, and graduate students in CADM activities.  And, in recognition of his ongoing leadership and guidance, we will be honoring Brad with the Wheelless Mentoring Award at the Annual Meeting Luncheon. 

Jacobs & Clevenger, for our newly designed nteractive CADM website, which debuted to much fanfare this spring. The Jacobs & Clevenger design and copywriting team, led by Billy Pyles, donated their time and talent to create our much needed, and much appreciated new site.

In recognition, Jacobs & Clevenger has been named the 2014 Natalie P. Holmes Volunteer of the Year.  The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting Luncheon.

Finally, I thank you, CADM members, for your participation and support of our organization.  I look forward to celebrating with you at the August 21 Annual Meeting Luncheon at Wildfire. See you there!

Best regards,

Susan Kryl

P.S.  Thank you to our adMarks art director, Marilyn Markle, who redesigned the newsletter and reworked the CADM logo as part of our “New CADM” efforts. 

And a big THANK YOU to our Executive Director, Glenda Sharp, who keeps us all on track and organized, and ensures that things happen as scheduled!

Susan Kryl