Dear CADM Members,

At last! Your new interactive is live!  Have you visited your new website yet?  If you have, you know that the site features a real-time membership directory along with tools to connect to other CADM members.  And you can always keep your own contact information current, too.

We will soon start regular posting of articles and case studies and we encourage you to submit content on analytics, mobile, digital, social and response marketing topics as often as you wish.  We’d also love to hear from you with your offer of assistance with content management: An excellent way for you to Communicate, Connect, and Grow!

You’ve asked us whether we will have a job board on our new site, and we anticipate launching one shortly.   Until then, do continue using the Jobs tab on our CADM LinkedIn Group.  (The group is under Chicago Association of Direct Marketing if you haven’t looked for it lately!).  There are several jobs posted there and plenty of interesting discussions.  So check it out!

Please contact Glenda Sharp at 312-849-2236 or [email protected] if you need your login, with questions or suggestions, to submit content for articles, or to offer assistance with any of our website related tasks. 

Launching our new CADM website is the result of months of planning and the hard work of a group of dedicated people.  First, a huge Thank You to Ron Jacobs, who researched platforms and committed himself and his staff to the successful development and completion of the new CADM website. Many thanks, too, to our web advisory team: Ron Jacobs, Brent Carter, Andy Gold, Cyndi Greenglass, Randy Hlavac, Marilyn Markle, and Glenda Sharp.  Thanks, too, to David Ferris who came aboard as CADM project manager to ensure a smooth interface with the Jacobs & Clevenger team.  And another huge thank you to Billy Pyle and the Jacobs & Clevenger creative team for the excellent and expert copywriting and design they donated for our new website.  Thanks to all for your time and dedication!

Please visit your new website often for information and networking!

Our CADM fiscal year ends on July 31 so we will be starting our membership renewal process within the next few weeks.  As part of our New CADM focus, we decreased dues by more than 25%   and that reduction will continue into 2014/2015.  Why not invite a colleague to join CADM, too, when you renew? 

Our next event is the Tempo Awards on Thursday, July 17, at theWIT hotel in Chicago.  Chair, Brad Schwab, reports that all entries have been judged and the committee is now planning an exciting gala awards evening.  Hope you will be a Tempo winner!

Look forward to seeing you at the awards!


Best regards,

Susan Kryl