by Josh Blacksmith

October is an annual opportunity for scares (and candy), but every four years we also get to experience the scare of another impending presidential election. If there’s one thing we in the direct response community can all agree on, regardless of which way you lean politically, it’s that the election cycle is also an amazing catalyst for innovation for data driven marketers. New tools, new analytical methodologies, new polling approaches to spin stories in every direction imaginable. I, for one, am excited to see the case studies that come from this year’s election process – and am anxious to look for opportunities to apply some of the learnings to my clients’ businesses.

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by Brad Schwab

What an exciting time to be a CADM member.  The CADM Board of Directors is excited to finally announce CADM’s new positioning, pricing structure, new committees and more that is going into effect on August 1, 2016. To learn more about this exciting changes please see the article starting on page 1.

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