Direct from the Heart Kickoff

by Jean Ban

Direct From The Heart (DFTH), CADM’s program to provide expert speakers to area non-profits, got off to a great start with a presentation in February by CADM member Betsy Harman to member groups of the Chicago Literacy Alliance (CLA).  Betsy presented on  ”How To Craft Compelling Annual Appeal Messages To Drive Individual Giving.” Her appreciative audience included staff from literacy organizations including Working in the Schools (WITS), Children’s Literacy Alliance, Literacy Volunteers of Illinois, Tutoring Chicago, Bookwallah, Kids Like Us, Innovations for Learning and Reach Out and Read.

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by Glenda Sharp, CAE

As we began preparing for CADM’s 60th anniversary earlier this year, 1972-73 CADM President Jim Kobs shared his files. Not only was this fascinating albeit dusty reading, but it lays the groundwork for re-igniting today’s passion for CADM and response marketing.

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See a slideshow on Elizveta Naumov's recently published ebook, 20 Tools for Clever Marketers, at Download the free ebook at

Here are the slides from Michelle Robin's October 1, 2014 presentation to CADM about personal branding - a way to describe your reputation - your most valuable asset. When you understand what your reputation means and know how to market yourself, that is when opportunities will start appearing.

by John Jantsch
Reprinted from

In today’s inbound marketing, content driven, socially connected world organizations have become very, very good at building trust, providing education and moving prospects to the point of buying, but not always as good at transitioning all the warm fuzziness to the actual purchase experience.

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